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aLL u EvAh NeEdEd 2 No AbOuT LiViAh

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PiCz oF Me n FrIeNdZ

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HaNa'Z TrIpOd SiTe

well hello.. my names cool and im livia!! hi 4 antonia and ally... hi 4m them or 4 them.. i dono.. haha!! im listenin 2 awesome musick (down with the sickness) they r really cool and i luv them!! and i love u!! =D im glad u could come 2 my siteweb bcoz its really interesting and clevah and haha sucked in.. *antonias cool!* =allys cool= and as u kan tell... I LUV ORANGE!! hehe

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: System of a Down, Disturbed
Favorite TV show: The Siiiimpsoooons
Favorite movie: Freddy Got Fingered, Team America
Favorite book: Cosmo
Favorite sports team: St. Kilda Saints (AFL) All Blacks (Rugby League)
Favorite food: Chocolate... Bubble T!

My Hobbies

Errh... I.. listen 2 musick... write musick... make musick... LOL go the musicness... speak Spanish... play a little tennis... hang out with friends... pretty much alwayz hangin out wif people *people rock!*   * te quiero bebe*

Most Admired

Superman... He's such a dude!!